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What is I Am a Triangle?

I Am a Triangle is a gathering of amazing individuals who live abroad, outside their home or passport country. Often our members have repatriated "home" and many of our members haven't left yet, but plan to in the near future. 

Whether you identify as an expat, global nomad, an international, TCK, CCK or simply as a Triangle, we've saved a spot for you inside!


∆ answers to your questions, that you can't Google!

∆ camaraderie + support

∆  drama-free + kindness-injected culture

∆ encouragement + inspiration + exclusive content

∆ meet members who live near you + get advice from members who've lived where you're heading

Request an invite to join our community today (please complete the "why you wish to join" section for a faster approval!). 

We can't wait to meet you!

I Am A Triangle believes that support and permission is vital to the overall health of families and individuals who live abroad and that our community can make a difference in the larger sector of global mobility. Our community stands for equality, diversity and vulnerability and we are guided by the premise that every voice matters and every story has a place.

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